Color UP – The ULTIMATE VIP Program

Color Up

Color UP: The ULTIMATE VIP Program


Whether it is to play world-class poker, win a Sunday major, take down a monster pot, or just to pass some time while playing for fun, every player at Ultimate Poker is unique and goal-oriented. Color UP was specifically designed with this in mind.

Players who enjoy the competition may play to better their own game, for personal satisfaction, or to rise above fellow players to achieve status within the community. Ultimate Poker respects these wishes by offering a points system, tracking meter, and ranking tiers.

All players are automatically White Chip, Tier 1, when they begin play on Ultimate Poker, the first of the eight monthly tiers. Players move upward through the tiers by earning XP (Experience Points), which are tracked through a personal XP Meter.

The eight monthly tiers – White, Red, Green, Black, Purple, Yellow, Orange, and Cranberry Chip – are attained through monthly play. Each brings increased recognition, rewards, and valuable U-Point multipliers.

The most dedicated players at Ultimate Poker reach Gold Plaque and Platinum Plaque. These are based on annual play and XP is calculated on a rolling yearly calendar. Players who achieve Gold and Platinum Plaque unlock the door to the richest rewards that Ultimate Poker has to offer.

Color UP Tiers

Color UP Tiers

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