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The Ultimate Poker Lab with Chris Danek

The Ultimate Poker Lab
What?      Ultimate Poker Lab – 1/2 with 1 Ante – Two Street Hold’em
Who?     Chris Danek, William Reynolds, Dan O’Brien, Brent Hanks, UP employees, and U!
Where?            Ultimate Gaming Headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada
When?    6PM, Monday, February 10th
Why?      To share our profound insights on the game of online poker. Or, for the free pizza


Home games. Fast cashouts. Top set. Any set. Aces and Kings. Cracking the other guys’ Aces and Kings. Hitting my one-outer. Bonuses. High-stakes gossip. Talking about poker. Getting there. Winning an MTT. The nuts. Sweating a friend going deep. Putting them on a hand and being right. Graphs. Stupid prop bets. Winning stupid prop bets. 9-high split pot single-draw Badugaha. Watching football while playing. That drunk guy. Found money. Taking 20 rebuys. Mountains of chips. Stacks of bills.

My name’s Chris Danek, and these are a few of the things I like.

Chris DanekI’m the Poker Product Manager over here at Ultimate. Part of my job is to find the things that people have fun doing, and bring them to our software. I only call it a job because that’s what HR calls it – I love this game, and there isn’t much that makes me happier than holding some cards and chips. Writing about it? Living and breathing it on a daily basis? Well, it’s not hard to get out of bed to do that.


So let’s talk cards. Who likes to gamble?

I love Hold’em. There’s such a beauty to the game that Stud and Draw games don’t have for me. There’s depth and nuance, bravery and stupidity, push and pull… And people have gotten quite good at it! Unfortunately, sometimes the best way to profit is to fold often. Sometimes, the right thing to do is fold preflop for an hour. While I like this game as much as anyone, I can’t say I’m a fan of folding. Ask my wallet.

What I like is action. That’s what I want to bring. Straddles and blind raises, calls when you might have the worst of it, the deuce-seven game. Bring your drink and your best gamblin’ shirt, because this is no place for nits. We’re going to try an experiment over here at Ultimate Poker and toss up the rules a bit. I want to design a game that gives people the same joy and fun that Hold’em has without all the needless folding. Because who wants to watch the other guy in the tank for five minutes?

Here’s what we’re going to do. Send us a tweet @UltimatePoker or @cdanek, and we’ll invite a couple of lucky guys and gals to my Poker Lab at the office Monday, February 10th at 6PM to play some cards. We’re going to play 9-handed $1/2/1 Two Street Hold’em. How’s that work? Blinds of $1 and $2, with an ante of $1. Maximum stack will be $100 to start. Preflop round of betting, then the flop, turn and river come all at once, and a final round of betting! You aren’t going to want to fold all that often. Now, we can’t play for real money here in the office, so we’re going to give everyone $300 in play money, and publish your stacks at the end of the night. How’s that for pressure? You’ll have to tell your friends why you had $0 at the play money tables.

photo 3If that’s not incentive enough, you’ll be playing against the very best – William Reynolds, Dan O’Brien, and Brent Hanks have all agreed to give it a whirl with me. Knock one of them out and they’ll do dishes at your house*. You’ll also get to play with a couple of the guys from the office. Want to talk features? Legislation? Game Operations? Engineering? You got it. I’ll deal the cards – no tipping, but no complaining when I expose a card or screw up the riffle – I’ve got two left hands, you’ve been warned. To make up for it, I’ll buy the pizza.

After our night in the Lab, we’ll tweak the game a bit and push it live on Ultimate Poker Nevada for a limited time next weekend. We’ll spread $1/2/1 TSH on Ultimate Poker for 4 hours on Valentine’s Day evening at 7pm, and then again on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm-5pm. We’re going to do a very limited release, though – just two tables.

Come and join me for a good gamble. Tweet @cdanek or @UltimatePoker and let me know if you’re in. Feel free to leave the fold button at home.
*No, our pros won’t really do your dishes. Sorry.

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